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Department Detail:  Public Health

Department Public Health
Address 421 Nebraska St
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  54235
Phone Number 920-746-2234
Fax Number 920-746-2320
Staff Public Health Staff
Office Hours Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm


Door County Public Health Dept Brochure


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC's website




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Services and Information 

  • Adult Health
  • Communicable Disease Control
  • Community Health Education
  • Community Health Improvement Process
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Health
  • Immunizations
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Women, Infants, and Children(WIC) Program


 Adult Health

Please contact the Northeast Region WWWP Coordinator (Becky Nyberg) at 920-448-6438

Communicable Disease Control

Communicable Disease Follow Up & Investigation

Community Health Education Topics

Community Health Improvement Process


Emergency Preparedness


Environmental Health


The Door County Public Health Department is able to provide vaccines to:

Children (18 years of age and younger) who:

§  Have no insurance

§  Are enrolled in Medical Assistance/Badger Care

§  Are Native American or Alaskan Native

§  Have health insurance that does not cover vaccines(please check with your child’s insurance provider, most insurance plans will cover vaccines for children)

Adults who:

§  Have no insurance

§  Have health insurance that does not cover vaccines (please check with your insurance provider)

For all children who are eligible for vaccines at the health department, all routine childhood and adolescent vaccines will be given at no charge.

§  Infants will receive vaccines according to the recommended schedule and should be complete before age 2.

§  Children will need to be immunized again before entering Kindergarten.

§  Adolescents will need to be immunized starting at age 11 or 6th grade entrance.

§  NOTE: The CDC recommends that all children aged 6 months up to their 19th birthday receive seasonal influenza vaccine every year.

§  NOTE: Combination vaccines may be used when they are available.

Eligible adults may receive some vaccines free from the health department, please ask about vaccine availability.  Some vaccines may have a charge.

  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccine - $36.00 - we accept cash, check or Medicare Part B.
  • TB(Mantoux) Skin Tests - $10.00
  • Adult Hepatitis A - $50.00 per dose
  • Traveler's Health - please consult this link if you are traveling.  You may call the Public Health Dept at 920-746-2234 to ask about vaccine availability.  Not all vaccines may be available



Door County Public Health Immunization Clinic Times & Locations




County Government Center

Public Health Department

421 Nebraska Street

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Every Wednesday

10 – 11:30am


1:30 – 4:00pm


Please call 920-746-2234 to schedule an appointment




Washington Island

Community Center

Rutledge Room

(unless otherwise announced)

Every 1st Thursday of every other month (even months)

Morning, exact clinic times vary.

Please call 920-746-2234 to schedule an appointment


Vaccine Information Statements


Immunization Information

Wisconsin Immunization Registry

Maternal and Child Health

All agencies who receive MCH funds must provide a link to the MCH Hotline website at

and are encouraged to provide the following hotline numbers on after hour phone lines as another resource available on a statewide level: MCH Hotline 1-800-722-2295 & Wisconsin First Step 1-800-722-2295.” From State MCH Grant


Women, Infants and Children Program(WIC)

Live in Door County and would like to apply?

  • Breastfeeding
    • Door County's Breastfeeding Support Network
      • Meets the 1st Wed of each month, 10:30-11:30
      • Please call Door County WIC for more information 920-746-2237
    • Breastfeeding Resources
    • Peer Breastfeeding Counselor - Door County WIC/Public Health - Julie Neuchter 920-493-2577

The agency goals are the following:

  • To continually assess community health needs in order to establish and maintain programs
  • To provide health education for the promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • To coordinate and provide immunization services to decrease vaccine preventable disease
  • To prevent and contol the occurrence of communicable disease through investigation, counseling, and education
  • To strengthen families through health education and the provision of maternal/child health services
  • To establish and maintain working partnerships with other agencies to improve the health of the community
  • To provide a broad range of school health services including screening programs, educational resources, consultations, and referrals
  • To implement program evaluation methods to assure program effectiveness

The Public Health Department is statutorily responsible for the core functions of assessment provided to ensure the health of the community. The Public Health Department works collaboratively with the State Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Family Services.

The job of public health is building healthy communities. A healthy community requires more than medical care. It requires protection from dangers that can threaten the health of the entire population. It requires good information about the nature, magnitude and causes of health problems. It requires education about what individuals and the community can do to reduce health risks. A healthy community assures an environment in which its members can safely work and play. The mission of Public Health is to prevent disease, injury, disability and premature death. This includes protecting peoples health from threats in the environment and promoting health through risk reduction and public education.

Public Information



Committee Of Jurisdiction Board of Health Committee
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