In Door County, transportation is a basic need. Without access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation, Door County residents may not get where they need to go. Door County is proud to offer the ADRC Bus/Van service and Door 2 Door Rides to ensure residents are able to access medical care, employment, school, shopping, etc. 

ADRC Bus/Van Service:
Operates primarily in Sturgeon Bay Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Riders pay $2.00 per stop, except when attending the ADRC’s Sturgeon Bay dining site. When attending this dining site, the fare is $2.00 round trip.
Questions: Call (920) 746-5982

To Schedule a Future Ride: Call (920) 746-2548
For Same Day/Immediate Ride: Call (920) 493-0136

Door 2 Door Rides (D2D):
D2D provides rides throughout most of Door County. Service is broken down by zone areas.

Service schedules and costs are based on the zone you are traveling to and from. Based on demand, some areas of Door County are provided service Monday through Sunday and some are provided service Monday through Friday.

You can contact the Transportation Manager with any questions you may have at (920) 746-5982 or Find out more about D2D.

Door County also partners with Door-Tran, a local non-profit organization. The County’s Transportation Department provides the ADRC van, the County Veteran’s Services Office covers fuel costs, and Door-Tran staff and volunteer drivers provide the ride. Because of this three-way partnership, Door County veterans can access a no cost ride when traveling outside of the County for medical services. Find out more by contacting Door-Tran at (920) 743-9999 or go to