Tax Parcel Maps

Each municipality in Door County has a set of tax parcel maps maintained by the Door County Real Property Listing Office as a result of converting to a newer parcel management/mapping software.  Each municipality is available in PDF format for online access,  and is made up of 18"x24" landscape sheets for every section (approximately 640 acres), at a map scale of 1 inch = 400 feet.  For areas with many small parcels, detailed maps have been created, which are mapped at a scale of 1 inch = 200 feet for a quarter section (approximately 160 acres), or at 1 inch = 100 feet for a quarter-quarter section (approximately 40 acres).  Maps can be printed to "Fit" to scale down to a smaller sheet size.  Hard-copy maps will still be made available in the Door County Real Property Listing Office as well.  On-line PDF maps are updated on a quarterly basis, and each set of maps is organized by municipality, Town & Range, and Section and sub-section areas where greater detail is helpful. 

Select a Town-Range book listed under each Town ... or the Village or City book name for the incorporated municipalities.

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Town of Baileys Harbor (002) - T29N-R28E   T30N-R27E   T30N-R28E   T31N-R28E

Town of Brussels (004) - T26N-R24E

Town of Clay Banks (006) -T26N-R26E

Town of Egg Harbor (008) - T29N-R26E    T30N-R26E    T30N-R27E

Town of Forestville (010) - T26N-R25E

Town of Gardner (012) - T27N-R23E    T27N-R24E    T28N-R24E

Town of Gibraltar (014) - Chambers Island    T30N-R27E    T31N-R27E

Town of Jacksonport (016) - T29N-R27E

Town of Liberty Grove (018) - T31N-R28E    T32N-R28E    T32N-R29E    T33N-R28E    T33N-R29E

Town of Nasewaupee (020) - T27N-R25E     T28N-R25E

Town of Sevastopol (022) - T28N-R25E    T28N-R26E    T28N-R27E

Town of Sturgeon Bay (024) - T27N-R26E

Town of Union (026) - T26N-R23E

Town of Washington (028) - T33N-R29E   T33N-R30E   T34N-R29E   T34N-R30E  Fish & Fisherman Island