Lyle-Harter-Matter Sanctuary


Lyle-Harter-Matter Sanctuary is located near State Highway 57 between Jacksonport and Baileys Harbor, adjacent to Kangaroo Lake and Meridian County Park.


Heavily wooded with deciduous and coniferous species over most of the property, a magnificent, high sand dune runs through the property and a marsh is also located on the acreage.

The wetlands of the sanctuary are categorized as a fens-type wetland that carries a high Ph level.  The plant life in the area is unique in that it must endure high alkaline conditions created by morrow, a wet chalk-like residue that enters the water from the calcium carbonate deposits in the bedrock.  

Hunting is not allowed.


The park’s land was given to the county in 1945 as a sanctuary and is completely undeveloped. The park is primarily used as a wildlife and nature study area.  The parcel is not served by a public road; Pedestrian access through Meridian County Park, which does not have maintained trails.

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  • No facilities
  • No road access.  


The sanctuary consists of 40 acres.