Door County Private Well Monitoring Program

August 14th, 2020: Door County residents with private wells are invited to participate in a groundwater study this fall. Well owners are asked to RSVP online at

The University of WI Oshkosh Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) is conducting a groundwater study in Door County, WI. This is a continuation of the fall 2019 groundwater study. The goal of this study is to provide education about the importance of testing your well water as well as build a database of groundwater quality data in Door County.

 Understanding that clean drinking water is vital to the health and economy of the county, UW Oshkosh hopes that data collected as part of this study will help everyone better understand groundwater quality in Door County. To help inform the public about this study, UW Oshkosh will be holding a virtual forum to provide information and solicit wells that would be representative of all areas of the county.

 The testing parameters included in the study are bacteria (Total coliforms/E. coli (quantification)) and Nitrate for a discounted cost of $30. Participants will also have the option to add Arsenic and Cumulative tests (pH, hardness, alkalinity and iron) for an additional $25. To participate, RSVP by filling out an online form using the following link or QR code with your well information by September 11th.

A virtual forum will be held via a video call format. The virtual forum will include the following information:

• Presentation about the goal of the study

• Sample collection instructions

• Sample drop-off logistics

This study is a cooperative effort between the University of WI Oshkosh and Door County, with funding provided by Door County Public Health and Door County Soil & Water Conservation Department.

For more information, contact Carmen Thiel at or (920) 424-0182.