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1. How do I apply for services?
2. What are the case management services offered by child support?
3. What are the financial management services offered by child support?
4. How do I check my child support balances? (payer or payee)
5. What is a CP or NCP?
6. How do I change my support order?
7. I want to change the physical placement order or custody (decision making). What do I do?
8. I have been laid off or can’t work due to injury. Can my support be lowered?
9. My ex is remarried and the new spouse makes a lot of money. Can I get more money?
10. My ex is making a lot more money now, does my child support automatically go up?
11. Do I have to pay my child support if the other parent won't let me see the child?
12. My employer is deducting the child support from my checks, but they aren't sending in the money. What should I do?
13. My ex doesn't spend the money on the kids. What can be done?
14. My kids are being neglected when they are with the other parent. What should I do?
15. I want the other parent in jail for not paying. Why does the agency keep sending letters?
16. What happens when my child turns 18?
17. I am worried about the other parent knowing my whereabouts. What can I do?
18. How can I get a statement of all the support I received last year?
19. If the other parent pays support for two families, how much support will each family get?
20. After my child support is paid, when will I get it?
21. Can my child support agency help with medical support the court ordered?
22. Can my child support agency help if the other parent moves to another state or country?
23. I received a notice that the other parent has filed for bankruptcy. What do I have to do?