Victim/Witness Assistance Program

Victim/Witness Assistance Program
Phone: 920-746-2388
Fax: 920-746-2381

Chapter 950 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires counties to enforce victim and witness rights. The Victim/Witness Program Coordinator enforces those rights and advocates to ensure that victims and witnesses are treated with dignity and respect.  The Coordinator assists victims and witnesses throughout the criminal court process by answering questions, keeping victims and their families informed of case development, providing information and referrals to community service providers, assisting with restitution, and offering personal assistance when possible.  Please contact the Coordinator with any questions.

Victim Rights

  • To request notice of all court hearings;
  • To attend all court proceedings;
  • To be accompanied to Court by the Coordinator;
  • To confer with the District Attorney’s Office regarding the prosecution/disposition of a case;
  • To make a statement at the Sentencing Hearing, either in person or in writing;
  • To request restitution for out-of-pocket expenses;
  • To be informed of the final disposition of the case.

Victims of a crime have many other rights.  For a complete list of rights, please contact the Victim/Witness Assistance Program Coordinator at 920 746-2388.

Change of Address for Victims or Witnesses

Please contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator when you have a change in your address or phone number.

Threats and Intimidation

If you receive any threats or other form of  intimidation from your cooperation with law enforcement and/or prosecutors, call 911 immediately. Also report the incident to the Victim/Witness Coordinator.

Victim Compensation

You may be eligible for financial assistance through the Wisconsin Crime Victim Compensation Program as a result of a compensable crime. Please contact the Coordinator to obtain an application.

Victim/Witness Testimony

A Subpoena is a Court Order directing a person to appear in Court on a certain date and time.  Failure to appear may result in an arrest warrant, fines and jail time.  Report to the District Attorney’s Office before Court.  The Coordinator will assist victims/witnesses in obtaining witness fees and reimbursement of travel costs for attending Court proceedings. 

Door County Resources

Please find a list of community resources for your convenience. Door County Resources