Huber Confinement Requirements

The Door County Circuit Court has sentenced and granted you the Huber Law Privilege under Wisconsin Statute 303.08, or you have been confined to the Door County Jail as a condition of probation under Wisconsin Statute 973.09(4).  


Huber Law Release is a privilege, not a right.  Any violations of Huber rules while at the Door County Jail may result in discipline.  Regarded action may be subject to, but not limited to: 

  • Loss of good time credit
  • Loss of Huber privilege(s)
  • Loss of other specified privileges


Huber Law inmates transferred from another jurisdiction found in violation of any Door County Jail rules may have their transfer privilege revoked.  Upon revocation of the transfer privilege, the inmate will be returned directly back to the sentencing jurisdiction or authority.  There is no exception and no appeal to this rule

Huber Programs

You will be allowed to participate in the following Huber programs: 

  • Childcare
  • School release
  • Work release

If more than one type of Huber release program is needed, the programs must be scheduled consecutively or on different days.  No split releases will be permitted.


You will be required to comply with all the requirements listed below to be eligible for the Huber Law Program.  Failure to comply with these requirements as outlined below will make you ineligible to participate in the Huber Law Program.

  1. You must contact a Huber Officer within 10 days of  your sentencing date to receive your start date.  You may request a particular date, but the Huber Officer will make the determination on your start date.  Jail intake will be on Thursday at 9 am and Saturday at 7 pm.  The Huber contact line is 920-746-5651.  
  2. You must complete the Huber Program Application and have it returned to the Jail a minimum of ten (10) days prior to your start date.  Read the documents thoroughly and complete any applicable form to its entirety. An incomplete Huber Application will result in a delay of Huber status at the start of your commencement.  Remember, this is your responsibility.
  3. A deposit of $225 is required prior to or on your commencement start date. All past jail debt must be paid in full or a payment plan established to be eligible for Huber status.
  4. For any outstanding court obligations, you must report to the Door County Clerk of Courts Office a minimum of ten days prior to the start of your commencement date to set up a Wage Assignment/Payment Plan (PDF).  The Clerk of Courts Office will notify the Jail that you have met this requirement.  Questions or concerns may be directed to the Clerk of Courts at 920-746-2205.
  5. If you are convicted of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, you must provide proof of AODA Assessment and/or compliance of the Driver Safety Plan.  A copy of the payment receipt is sufficient.
  6. Please read the Huber Program Information Sheet (PDF) thoroughly. If you have any questions prior to your commencement start date, you may contact a Huber Officer at 920-746-5651.