Juror Qualification Questionnaire

Questions & Answers About the Juror Qualification Questionnaire

Every person who receives this questionnaire is required to wither complete the questionnaire enclosed, or complete the online juror questionnaire within ten days from receiving it.  You can save time and a stamp by completing the questionnaire online at the following address:  https://jury.wicourts.gov.
The answers you provide will determine your eligibility for jury service based on statutory requirements.  You cannot be excused from serving on jury duty or from completing this form by calling the jury office.  Please read the following information carefully; many of your questions will be answered.

Note:  This questionnaire is NOT a summons to appear

I received a questionnaire in the mail, but I no longer live in Door County.  What should I do with the questionnaire?  

Wisconsin law requires that the questionnaire be completed.  Please make appropriate address changes, answer the first eight questions, and return to the jury office or complete online.  Once your responses are received, your name will be removed from the list and you will not be called to serve.  Please do not call the office with this address change; we are unable to change addresses over the phone.

I received a questionnaire for my spouse or relative who is deceased.  What should I do?

Return the questionnaire and write "DECEASED" next to the person’s name along with the date of death; our records will then be updated.

My son/daughter is away at college, in the armed services, or currently living out of the county and has received a questionnaire to fill out.  Can a parent fill this out for their son/daughter?  

A parent can fill out the questionnaire for a son/daughter who is not currently living at home, then sign your name and state you are the parent.  Or have your son/daughter fill out online https://jury.wicourts.gov.  Generally, students that attend college out of the area will be moved to a month during their off time.  If your child is currently serving in the military, please note in the change of address section on the questionnaire where he/she is stationed.

What if I have a medical condition that would prevent me from serving jury duty?  

Please submit a medical statement from your provider; the jury clerk will review this information.  If you are excused from service due to a medical condition, you will not receive a summons to appear during the jury year.  If you are unable to obtain a medical excuse within 10 days, please return the questionnaire with a note indicating that  a medical excuse will follow, and send us the medical excuse as soon as possible.

After I complete and return my questionnaire, when will I be summoned to appear as a juror?  

You will not necessarily receive a summons to appear after returning your questionnaire.  Your name will go in to a jury pool for the year and the computer software randomly picks whom to be summoned as a juror within the calendar year.  Our jury year runs from January 1 through December 31.

How are the names selected for jury duty?  

Each year Door County receives a random list of names from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles that includes citizens who have a driver’s license or a State of Wisconsin identification card.

After carefully reading the information above, if you have additional questions on filling out the Juror Qualification Questionnaire, please call the jury clerk at 920-746-2205 ext 5.