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Child Support Forms

COVID 19 - Motions and Orders may still be filed with the courts; dates for hearings may be delayed.  The court cannot modify an order prior to the date of filing so it is important to file your request early.

General Forms

Forms to Change A Current Order

Parties Agree to Change an Order:
Pro Se Stipulation Instructions (PDF)

Parties Do Not Agree To Change an Order:
Pro Se Modification Instructions (PDF)

One Party Is Not Following Court Order (Order to Show Cause/Contempt)
Pro Se Order to Show Cause Instructions (PDF)

Request for Mediation Services

In some cases, the Family Court Commissioner (FCC) refers parties to Family Court Mediation Services.  Participation in mediation may be ordered based on a request made by an attorney or party, or mediation may be ordered upon the determination of the judge or FCC that mediation may be helpful to attempt to resolve custody or placement issues. 

After a judgment has been entered, mediation may be requested by a party through written request by completing the Request for Court Order Mediation FA-4134 form and filing with the Clerk of Court office. Once an order is drafted and signed by the judge or commissioner, the parties receive in the mail a copy of the order along with further instructions.

Mediation is an economical, confidential, cooperative, problem solving process where a neutral mediator assists individuals in clearly defining the issues in a dispute and reaching an agreement.  The mediator does not take sides or make decisions, but instead helps participants resolve misunderstandings and communicate more clearly with each other.  Family Court Mediation does not include issues relating to property division, maintenance, child support, or other financial matters. Visit the Family Court Commissioner’s website.

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